Use Cases of Proximity Marketing with Beacon Technology

There are a number of real world examples of Proximity Marketing and Beacons being used. Below you will find an overview of some of them.

Gatwick Airport - London UK

A £2.5 billion investment to upgrade and modernize the infrastucture and facilities included the installation of 2000 beacons around the airport. The use of beacons provides airlines with the capability to communicate with their passengers. It also offers them a blue-dot navigation facility so that they can find the way to their departure gates quickly and easily, which is supported by an augmented reality tool.

Sculpture Park - Limassol, Cyprus

This open air art museum is located in the center of the city and is popular with locals and visitors. The park is home to 17 modern art sculptures that were created during 3 sculptural symposia which took place in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Beacons were then installed in 2016 which give out the history of each art piece in the park, as well as access to information about the artists.

Makelaarij Hoekstra - Netherlands

Makelaarij Hoekstra is a Dutch real estate agency, with offices at 4 locations. Beacons were deployed at the offices, near the properties being offered and on the "for sale" signs used at them. Notifications were sent out to people which included information about the property, as well as images and a guided tour.

Use cases for Proximity Marketing and Beacons
Proximity Marketing in the real world

Hilton Hotel - UK

In 2017 the hotel started rolling out the beacons in their hotels across the UK to enable the use of digital keys. This beacon technology is working with the Hilton Honors App which is their loyalty program, means that in addition to being able to book rooms with the app, they can now open their hotel room doors with it as well.

Bus Stops - Trieste, Italy

A proximity marketing project in Trieste saw a number of beacons installed at various bus stops. People who passed within 20 meters of the beacon received notifications with useful local information. There are currently about 30 beacons set up and most of the information provided is tourism information intended for visitors who may not know the location very well.

National Railway - India

Beacons were placed at railway stations all around India, which has over 70,000 miles of track. Notifications were sent to people close to the stations providing them with information about hwo to access free WiFi. This project was very successful and had an click-through rate of 15%.

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